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About Us


OurPhilosophyAbout Yaaden Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd. is one of the leading financial consultants who deal in loans & insurance services. We are committed to delivering exceptional strategic, fully-integrated services for our clients.

Policy and Philosophy

Yaaden Consultancy Services Pvt Ltd. operates with the motto of “Know Your Need” and in keeping with this motto, since its inception, has strived hard and is considered pioneer in its field and has redefined the standards of the industry to the effect that slowly and surely it’s emerging as a force to reckon with. Client satisfaction is our first and foremost concern in every endeavor of ours.In the times of ever emerging new theories and cut throat competition the only thing that could keep a firm in business and ensure its ever rising growth is its commitment towards excellence and committed


management and personnel who consider every activity however mundane related with their job profile as essential part in the overall scheme of the things.

In our dealings with everyone, we will:

– Demonstrate highest standards of professionalism and integrity
– Consistently apply recognized best practices
– Comply with all the relevant regulatory requirements including those of professional bodies
– Give utmost priority to the interest of our customers and employees


Mission Statement

We want to have a name that clients and staff are proud of to be associated with. We want our operating companies to be leaders in all sectors in which we choose to work. We shall build on our established strengths to provide our clients with right solutions. We shall make our customers take pride in ownership of our services and ensure that Roy Financial Services becomes their first choice for repeat business whilst dealing with Loans and Insurance.




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